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Niner News January

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Niner News


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.

All Niners feature award-winning geometry and ride quality. The new XS E.M.D. 9 brings the Big Revolution to more riders than ever!



22.5" TOP TUBE 

(over 1/2" shorter than size small)



(1-1/2" shorter than size small) 



(3/32" shorter than size small)





(1-1/4" lower than size small)



Niner News


Yes, the new XS E.M.D. 9 is extra small! 

But in our development we refused to compromise the features that we hold dear. 

Here's what you WON'T find on the smallest E.M.D. 9:





Improves comfort on a smaller frame and maintains the tire clearance we demand.


A large waterbottle (270mm, 24oz Polar brand) will fit inside the main triangle.



*minimum height varies based on rider proportions. 

We do our best to predict, but people come in a lot of sizes and shapes! 

See your Niner dealer for sizing questions.



Niner News
Niner News
Niner News

- We developed our 29er geometry without being influenced by trends or what might work with 26" wheeled bikes. 26" and 29" are different, and the only way to develop great 29er geometry is to discard preconceived notions.  


- In the early yers of 29ers, people indiscriminately used the same riser bars on 26" and 29" bikes. We introduced the Flat Top 9 - a wide, flat bar that enables a better fit for 29er riders. 


- Niner was an early adopter of the short stem/wide bar approach to 29er ride technique. The new XS EMD 9 reflects this philosophy: Tope tube length falls in line with other ETT measurements for small frames, but Niner geometry is optimized for a shorter stem and wider bar to take full advantage of the big wheel, and to help you to ride faster with more control and comfort. For those who would like to try a flat wide bar, we have placed a coupon code at the bottom of this letter. 


What do the mags have to say about Niner geometry? See for yourself on our site - we have dozens of 3rd party reviews posted in their entirety on ninerbikes.com :

"Of all the 29ers I've ridden, the Niner bikes show the most refinement and consistency in ride quality across the board."  
- Gear.com 
"...moves with conviction, turns with a light touch and there is no toe overlap while negotiating switchbacks - all traits many believed you couldn't experience on a 29er." 
- Mountain Bike Action 
"Niner's command of the big-wheel concept is quite evident when descending or negotiating technical sections." 
- Mountain Bike Action 



Niner News

Niner News

Niner is stoked to announce our partners for the 2012 Demo program! Last year, Fuzzy, Mike and Sherman hosted dozens of demos all over the USA. For 2012 - we are adding the Jet 9 RDO to our demo fleet - try our flagship full suspension bike on real trails! 


We will be at some of the same events this season (Dirtfest in Pennsylvania, Outerbike in Moab) and we have some new areas on our radar (yes, Texas, this means you !). We are always looking for suggestions from our community for demo location suggestions, so drop us a line!


This year's program promises to be bigger and better than ever with partnership from the best the bike industry has to offer:



You have seen the Sun Ringle Chargers and Black Flag wheelsets in our build kits - now you can try these NoTubes™ compatible hoops on the trails! In addition, you will have an opportunity to try a full Hayes (Manitou, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Answer) set-up and get to know what they are working on for 2012!



We are proud to renew our partnership with Ergon - makers of innovative grips, saddles and packs. They sponsor our race team's antics and help us to get the message out worldwide!



Shimano MTB is crushing it these days, and a lot of the Niner staff can be found using their XT and XTR groups on their personal bikes. Check out those amazing brakes for yourself!



These guys are the up and comers in helmet technology for MTB. Kali Protectives takes safety seriously, but they also know that if it doens't look great you won't wear it. All of Niner rides in Kali helmets and pads. 



Schwalbe has fully embraced the 29er wheel, with a wide range of great rubber. We are putting these tires on every demo bike and into our build kits for 2012. 



We have some great ideas about how we can really make these partnerships fun for the community - keep an eye on Facebook for Ninerd exclusive giveaways!


Niner News


Blevins Bicycle Company is Huntsville, Alabama's newest and largest bicycle shop, where the customer experience ALWAYS comes first. Family owned and operated, Blevins Bicycle Company prioritizes a focus on hard work and excellence in all aspects of the cycling industry. The Blevins family has been in business in the beautiful city of Huntsville, Alabama since the 1940's, and has no plans to stop providing quality service anytime soon. 


Owner/Manager/Mechanic/Janitor Matthew Blevins has spent the better part of the last decade working in the cycling industry, and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Huntsville cycling community.  Matthew Blevins has performed over 10,000 repairs, and has worked with many local cyclists and events, from professional cyclists and triathletes to local advocacy events.


As a new shop, Blevins could pick any brand to stock - they chose Niner as their first. While he admits it was partly for personal reasons (Matthew rides an Air 9), Niner is a local favorite and a great fit for the area's trails.   


Blevins has a robust demo fleet, including:


Air 9 -SM, MD, LG

Jet 9 - SM, MD, LG, XL


Shop hosted MTB group rides start in the spring, call for info. Look for Blevins on Facebook and on their website. Call them here if you have questions.


Pro Bike Supply in Newport Beach, California, is a new shop in the SoCal region. As is obvious when you walk in, in the last year they have established themselves as Orange County's premier pro-level road and mountain bike shop. Their small boutique atmosphere is both welcoming and intriguing - filled with high end products from all around the bike industry. 


Pro Bike Supply is fully committed to the Big Revolution  - they have one of the largest selections of in-stock Jet 9 RDO frames, in most sizes and colors as well as a full range of other Niner products. Not only will you be able to demo a Jet 9 RDO, you can do it with your choice of high end wheel options from Enve, Crank Brothers, and more.


Their commitment to service goes beyond product - this small shop has a highly qualified mechanic on staff, and you can be sure of their expertise. Hang out at the wooden bar while they work on your bike and maybe pick up a few tips. Additionally, these guys are renowned for their custom projects, such as this electronic Air 9 Carbon.  


Pro Bike Supply is connected online, with a great blog, filled with real-world info on weights and tech. Their facebook page features new products and special projects. On Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, they encourage you to join them for group MTB rides on the local trails - call for more info!


 The Pro Bike Supply Demo Fleet currently features:


Jet 9- large

Air 9 Carbon CYA - medium

Jet 9 RDO - coming soon in a size large or medium 

(call and tell them which one you want to try!)



 Map and contact info here.




Coupon code is good for 10% off retail in the Niner store, until Feb 10, while supplies last.